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Once again, we are excited to showcase our residents in our ‘Shoreham Stars of the Month’ awards!

This month, the categories are Most Playfulcoat Long hoodie Unusual Gothic Clothing Women's Hoodie Warm hoodie Sweaters Jacket hoodie Gray Hoodie Women's Short Jacket qPTAfaw, Doziest Doggo, Sportiest, Bravest, Popular Pooch and Golden Oldie.

And this time, we’d like YOUR help deciding this month’s ‘Pawsome at Paw’.

To have your say, head to our Social Media channels. You can find us on Instagram: @dogstrust_shoreham and Twitter: @DT_Shoreham.

This month’s winners are…


  • Lance for ‘Most Playful’. Great fun to be around, Lance has a huge place in his heart for toys! He’s especially fond of the squeaky, rubber kind that he can bounce around after and chuck about in the air.
  • Lilly for ‘Doziest Doggo’. A gentle Lurcher who loves to relax, Lilly can often be found curled up into a little ball when snoozing. She also likes to rest her head on the lap of her favourite human friends!
  • Sizzles for ‘Sportiest’. He may be a slightly more mature chap, but that doesn’t stop Sizzles from wanting to have fun! This energetic boy loves agility training and playing with his toys.
  • Wilbur for ‘Bravest’. Not only has he done great with his on-going training recently, little Wilbur has been super brave when undergoing a ‘Cruciate Ligament’ operation. He’s taking it all in his stride and recovering very well.
  • Razzle for ‘Popular Pooch’. Razzle loves the company of other dogs. So much so, that the staff often bring him out to teach other canines some doggy-socialisation skills. Most recently he has been the friend of two inexperienced German Shepherd puppies!
  • Rissa for ‘Golden Oldie’. The oldest dog in our care, the loveable Rissa is currently in a Foster Home. Despite her age, this 13-year-old lady still has lots of love to give & will be on the lookout for her Forever Home soon.

Head to the rehoming page of our website for any more information on any of our residents. Alternatively, give us a call on 0300 303 0292.

Black Only sample size top one S linen Dogs Trust Shoreham is located at Brighton Road, Shoreham BN43 5LT. We are open from 12.00-4.00pm Thursday- Monday, Closed on Tuesdays and open from 12.00-7.30pm on Wednesdays.


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