Linen Handmade Pants Elegant Women Boho 42 40 Relaxed for sizes 38 36 OwASgw Linen Handmade Pants Elegant Women Boho 42 40 Relaxed for sizes 38 36 OwASgw Linen Handmade Pants Elegant Women Boho 42 40 Relaxed for sizes 38 36 OwASgw Linen Handmade Pants Elegant Women Boho 42 40 Relaxed for sizes 38 36 OwASgw
Creating and seewing clothes is my favorit hobby!

My favorite fabric is LINEN - its so comfortable, breathable and have many other benefits!

This pants designed by me, and handmade by me. They have no zip, but special button system. , Pants looking good also when they are rolled up. Pants have two side-pockets. I use only high quality soft linen fabric. In picture you see a sample. I do this pants by order, using customer measurements - waistline, hips and lenght. You can ask for different colors also. Custom order takes from 8 to 18 days

Elegant, Casual , Relaxed, Boho.

Sizes 36, 38, 40

Size 42 - 78 USD

Fabric -Linen

Accept - handmade!!!! Each model will be different!

I can make this pants by order. change the length and shape at the bottom - can be longer-shorter, wider- narrower. I can try to find fabric with the color you would like.

Please if you have any questions feel free to ask me

Thank you for your support handmade !


Written by Aminat Saliu on the City Year Team at South Division High School.
Photo: The amazingly awesome South Division High School team laser tagging during team time! Look at those smiles!

Joy, City Year ran and lead our own data chats for 2nd-8th grade where we got to make goals with the students . – Kyle Welhouse, Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education

Joy, 17 tutoring group students are meeting their December goals. – Frank Margraff, Harold S. Vincent High School

Joy, there are five scholars at Hopkins Lloyd Community School so far who have earned a teacher nominated “Eagle Scholar” award that City Year organizes and announces at assemblies. Students love it and are even more motivated to do their best in class. - Grant Doty, Hopkins Llyod Community School

42 sizes Pants Linen for 40 36 Boho 38 Handmade Women Elegant Relaxed Joy, an 8th grader came into the City Year room and shared his acceptance letter to us from Milwaukee Lutheran! – Sarah Szymborski, Rufus King International Middle School

Joy, a Clarke Street School tutoring group student jumped 100 lexile points, which is the most in the building! Another student also jumped from red all the way to green! Our students are growing over here at Clarke Street School. – Rose Wegner, Clarke Street Elementary School

Joy, Our whole school assembly featured three scholars performing a rap about stewardship at Carver Academy – David Smith, George Washington Carver Academy

Joy, I got to set goals during data chats with a really sweet student at Pulaski High School who gave me a hug afterwards – Neeka Lewis, Bayview High School

38 Elegant Relaxed 36 40 Boho Women for Linen sizes 42 Pants Handmade Joy, I won our game of phase 10 on team day – Peter Morrissey, Roosevelt Middle School

Appreciation to my team for all the laughs on team day and everyday – Jade McKean, Roger Street Academy

Appreciation to Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School staff and administration for helping our team reflect on the importance and values of our service as key at a Milwaukee Partnership school – Haley Woods, Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School

Appreciation to me for living my best life over here at James Madison Academic Campus – Rasheed Clayter, James Madison Academic Campus

Appreciation to the 55 volunteers at Pulaski High School making goals with amazing student during data chats- Njeri Jackson, Casimir Pulaski High School

Appreciation to all the amazing students at South Division High School that I get to walk the halls with on a daily basis. – Aminat Saliu, South Division High School

Huge joy that Chelsea Anderson competed in the Moth story slam and totally kicked butt (brought me to tears and so neat to see a bunch of corps members there to support her) – Kate Niemer

Joy over half of Vincent High School’s tutoring group students are on track to hit the dosage goal – Jess Mirkes

Ongoing Joy to Pulaski for engaging dozens (maybe hundreds already) of freshmen in setting goals with students during data chats today and tomorrow – Ben Rangel

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